Sitzender Akt (Detail), 1918


The importance of Walde’s paintings of nudes is often underestimated in comparison to his other work, in terms of both quality and quantity. Nevertheless, these works are very valuable for tracing the artist’s development. Starting with realistic sketches of nude models, his work continually grew in terms of both sophistication and fascination. For a while he placed his nude subjects in front of a colorful, ornamentally decorated backdrop, undoubtedly an influence exerted by his peers among the Vienna art scene. After WWI, he increasingly used mixed techniques, tempera, pastels and oil to create a diverse wealth of nudes. They reflect a fascination for the female form in particular, and clearly indicate Walde’s ability to express the intricate moods and situations that affected his subjects within the particular environment of the scene. His nudes certainly contain a strong element of erotic fantasy, but they are just as interesting for their contribution toward a better understanding of Walde’s unique oeuvre.
Rückenakt mit langem braunen Haar, um 1918

Nude with long brown Hair
“Rückenakt mit langem braunen Haar”, around 1918

Watercolor on paper, 16.93 x 11.81 in (43 x 30 cm)
privately owned

Rückenakt auf Podest, um 1920

Back View of Nude on a Podium
“Rückenakt auf Podest”, around 1920

Pastell and watercolor on paper, 14.57 x 9.65 in (37 x 24,5 cm)
privately owned

Weiblicher Rückenakt, um 1920

Back View of a Nude “Weiblicher Rückenakt”, around 1920

Pencil and watercolor on paper, 11.22 x 6.93 in (285 x 176 mm)
privately owned

Akt, 1918/19

Nude “Akt”, 1918/19

Tempera on paper, 25.98 x 15.47 in (660 x 393 mm)
privately owned

Akt mit roten Lippen, um 1919

Nude with red Lips
“Akt mit roten Lippen”, around 1919

Pencil and pastel on paper, 16.93 x 11.81 in (430 x 300 mm)
privately owned

Sitzender Akt, um 1918

Sitting Nude “Sitzender Akt”, around 1918

Tempera on paper, 3.39 x 8.27 in (340 x 210 mm)
privately owned

	Hockende und Stehende (Rückenakte), um 1920

Back View of Sitting and Standing Nude
“Hockende und Stehende (Rückenakte), around 1920

Tempera on paper, 11.42 x 7.28 in (290 x 185 mm)
privately owned

		Liegender weiblicher Akt auf buntem Tuch, um 1920

Lying Nude on a colored Cloth
“Liegender weiblicher Akt auf buntem” Tuch, around 1920

Pencil, gouache on paper, 11.73 x 17.32 in (298 x 440 mm)
Graphische Sammlung Albertina Wien

Weiblicher Akt, am Sofa ruhend, um 1920

Resting Nude on the Sofa
“Weiblicher Akt, am Sofa ruhend”, around 1920

Pastell on paper, 11.65 x 7.68 in (296 x 195 mm)
privately owned

Tänzerin, um 1920

Dancer “Tänzerin”, around 1920

Pastell on paper, 7.48 x 5.71 in (190 x 145 mm)
privately owned

Erotik, um 1925

Eroticism “Erotik”, around 1925

Oil on cardboard, 10.24 x 8.27 in (26 x 21 cm)
privately owned

Tänzerin, um 1920/22

Dancer “Tänzerin”, around 1920/22

Tempera on cardboard, 14.76 x 18.5 in (37,5 x 47 cm)
privately owned

Zwei Akte im Grünen, um 1927

Nudes in the Garden
“Zwei Akte im Grünen”, around 1927

Tempera on cardboard, 11.81 x 8.27 in (30 x 21 cm)
privately owned

Badende am Schwarzsee, um 1925/26

Two Nudes at the Schwarzsee
“Badende am Schwarzsee”, around 1925/26

Tempera on cardboard, 13.38 x 9.64 in (34 x 24,5 cm)
privately owned

Badende im Schwarzsee, um 1926

Three Nudes at the Schwarzsee
“Badende im Schwarzsee”, around 1926

Oil tempera on cardboard, 9.84 x 11.3 in (25 x 28,7 cm)
privately owned

Tanzende im Schnee, um 1925

Dancers in the Snow
“Tanzende im Schnee”, around 1925

Tempera on paper, 13.78 x 9.68 in (350 x 246 mm)
privately owned

Wintersonne (Skirast), 1928/30

Winter sun “Wintersonne (Skirast)”, 1928/30

Oil on cardboard

Nackte vor der Almhütte, um 1925

A Nude in the Alps I
“Nackte vor der Almhütte I”, around 1925

Mixed media on paper, 12.01 x 8.62 in (305 x 219 mm)
privately owned

Nackte vor der Alm Hütte II, um 1925

A Nude in the Alps II
“Nackte vor der Alm Hütte II”, around 1925

Tempera on paper, 10.04 x 9.45 in (255 x 215 mm)
privately owned