Summer Themes

Alfons Walde was strongly influenced by his immediate surroundings: by the imposing natural landscapes of his native Tyrol most evidently so, but also through his exposure to the milieu and mentality of his native culture. Both of these factors are clearly revealed in his work, particularly that of his later period. Regardless of the subject – be it imposing themes of the Kaisergebirge (a mountain range near Kitzbühel), the airiness of the higher mountains in summer, scenes of peasants in the villages, the almost friendly appearance of the mountains around Kitzbühel – Walde’s summer themes literally engulf the viewer in the mood of the settings that he recreated.

11952-12 Farm in the Kaisergebirge “Kaiser Hochalm”, 1932
Oil on Cardboard,
16,93 x95 27, in (43 x 71 cm)
privately owned
Einsame Hausung gr._00059_1080_WZ Solitary Housing “Einsame Hausung”, 1934/35
Oil on Cardboard,
27,56 x 19,29 in (70 x 49 cm)
Kitzbühel, privately owned
Plakat Kitzbuehel im Sommer 2012walde_1080_WZ Kitzbühel in Summertime “Kitzbühel im Sommer”, about 1927/28
Oil on Cardboard,
16,34 x 23,46 in
(41,5 x 59,6 cm)
Kitzbühel, Museum Kitzbühel
8044-10_1080_WZ Summer in the Mountains “Bergsommer”, about 1930
Oil on Cardboard,
23,62 x 16,54 in (60 x 42 cm)
Innsbruck, privately owned
D-LA-497 bearb mailb 138_60818_1 (002) In Tirol “In Tyrol”, around 1936                                              Oil on Cardboard,                   14,96 x 11,22 in (38 x 28,5 cm)
11952-19 Restaurant in Oberndorf “Wirtshaus in Oberndorf”, 1933
Oil on Cardboard,
17,32 x 13,19 in (44 x 33,5 cm),
privately owned
Bergweiler_1080_WZ Mountain Ranch “Bergweiler”, about 1934
Oil on Cardboard
D-LA-563 bearb MAILB 24877022-1-1 Summer in the Mountain “Bergsommer”, 1937 
23,58´x 16,53´in (59,9 x 42 cm) Oil on Cardboard
11952-05 Horn Chapel “Hornkapelle”, about 1924
Temperasketch on Paper,
3,14 x 5,90 in (8 x 15 cm)

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