The Kunstverlag Alfons Walde is currently compiling an archive of the artist’s work, with the intention being to eventually publish a first-edition catalogue raisonné that will present Alfons Walde’s known body of work.
We therefore kindly request all private owners of original Walde works to contact us regarding the inclusion of their painting(s). Once we hear from you, our representatives will be in touch with you to discuss all further details. Please be assured that ownership will remain absolutely anonymous – i.e., we will not publish or otherwise divulge the names of owners!
The acceptance of paintings in the archive will be approved by a team of Alfons Walde specialists. In addition to your contact details, a copy of any existing expert opinions regarding your Walde painting would be appreciated.


Scientific Team establishing a Catalogue Raisonnée for Alfons Walde 1891- 1958:

Michael Walde-Berger: Manager of the Estate and Head of the Alfons Walde-Archive

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gert Ammann: allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Sachverständiger nur für Werke von Alfons Walde

Peter Konzert:  allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Sachverständiger für Antiquitäten und Malerei

Mag. Verena Gschnitzer-Konzert: allgemein beeidete und gerichtlich zertifizierte Sachverständige für Grafik und Malerei

Dr. Carl Kraus: Gerichtlich beeideter Sachverständiger für Kunst und Antiquitäten (Handelskammer Bozen)


Keep in mind that the acceptance and documentation of your Walde painting in the archive will likely lead to an enhancement of its value!

We are pleased to offer consultation for any questions you may have regarding your Alfons Walde painting.


Michael Berger (Walde)
Tel.: +43 6991 22 6 012 6

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