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Walde’s early flower sketches show influences originating from his exposure to the Viennese art scene, particularly the Jugendstil (art nouveau) work of Gustav Klimt. Nevertheless, Walde’s unique style is never lost on the observer. Primarily done in tempera, his flower paintings from this period seem a result of improvisation, at the same time displaying the artist’s finely tuned sensitivity for the expressive use of colors. Die Sonnenblumen (Sunflowers), a painting from Walde’s early period, deserves mention as a work of great finesse, and has often drawn comparison with Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. It was not untill his later years, that Walde created oilpaintings of flowers comparable in style to his mature work.
K42-Blumen (rot-rosa)_S231_1080_WZ

“Blumen”, 1919
Tempera on Paper, 15,35 x 11,42 in (39 x 29 cm)
privately owned

8044-03_1080_WZ Flowers
“Blumen”, 1919
Oil on Cardboard, 12,4 x 13,58 in (31,5 x 34,5 cm)
Innsbruck, privately owned
8044-44_1080_WZ Fuchsia-Pot
“Fuchsienstock”, 1919
Oil on Canvas, 15,75 x 12,2 in (40 x 31 cm)
Wien, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
V113-Blumen im Zimmer I 6_1080_WZ Flowers in the Room
“Blumen im Zimmer”, 1952
Oil on Cardboard, 34,25 x 27,95 in (87 x 71 cm)
privately owned
Walde Plakat 2012-Amaryllis 45x70cm.indd Amaryllis
“Amaryllis und Pelargonie,
Hahnenkamm im Schnee”, 1954
Oil on Cardboard, 29,13 x 20,87 in (74 x 53 cm)
Kitzbühel, Museum Kitzbühel
D-BL-102 Blumenvariation

“Blumen”, about 1919
Tempera on Paper, 16,93 x 11,42 in (43 x 29 cm)
Hollabrunn, privately owned

D-GW-46 Blumenvariation

“Blumen”, 1919
Tempera on Paper, 15,75 x 11,42 in (40 x 29 cm)
privately owned

D-GW-53 Blumenvariation orange-blau-weiß Kopie Flowers with Orange-lilies
“Blumen (mit Feuerlilien)”,
Tempera, 17,32 x 11,61 in (44 x 29,5 cm)
privately owned
D-GW-102 Blumenvariation Kopie Flowers
“Blumen”, about 1919
Oil on Cardboard, 11,61 x 6,69 in (29,5 x 17 cm)
privately owned

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