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    Alfons Walde was fiercly devoted to being an artist of and for the people. His commitment translated into his many paintings of winter and winter sports themes, which proved to be of immense public relations value for his community’s growing winter sports and tourism industries. He designed several posters for sporting goods companies (Schlechter, Lackner-Schuh, Oberschi, etc.) and, in 1924, he won a contest held by the State Traffic Office (also responsible for tourism) in Innsbruck. Many of his designs were for Tyrolian advertising campaigns (examples of motifs used: Auracher Kirche [The Aurach Church], Aufstieg [Ascent], etc.). Major sporting events also bore Walde’s mark, with mid to large sized paintings (for the FIS competitions in Innsbruck, 1933 and 1954, for the Hahnenkamm race, etc.). He also designed many logos and letters (e.g., The Kitzbüheler Gams trademark for the city, Hahnenkamm letters, etc.).
    Schlechter Plakat_1080_WZ

    “Schlechter Plakat”
    Original Poster on Paper, 38,58 x 23,62 in (98 x 60 cm)

    Ober Ski Plakat_1080_WZ “Ober Ski/Kitzbühel”, 1930
    Original Poster on Paper, 22,83 x 16,93 in (58 x 43 cm)
    Walde-Hahnenkammplakat 22 Abfahrten_ZM2S0615_1080_WZ Cable-Car Hahnenkamm
    (Beschränkte Stückzahl auf Anfrage käuflich erwerbbar!)
    Original Poster on PaperSollten Sie Sie dieses Plakat kaufen wollen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte: kunstverlag@alfonswalde.com
    Der Aufstieg Plakat_1080_WZ Wintersport in Tyrol
    “Wintersport in Tirol”, 1932
    Original Poster on Paper, 36,02 x 25,2 in (91,5 x 64 cm)
    Plakat Schischule Kitzbuehel_1080_WZ Plakat, Schischule Kitzbühel